Book reviews

The Grievers by Marc Schuster

Felt like I should be tossing popcorn into my gullet while reading this one.  Quick comedic read.

Meet Charlie Schwartz, stalled-out grad student whose day job is hawking for the local bank inside a dollar sign costume.  His off hours are spent peeling wallpaper at his and his wife’s fixer-upper.  When a colorless classmate from his prep school days elects to prematurely buy the farm, Charlie feels guilty.  Why didn’t he do an intervention at the Christmas party when he saw the black scar on his now-deceased classmate’s arm? Needful to put some purpose in his own blah-ish life, he embarks on a mission to make a grand memorial gesture.

Laugh factor: I counted at least 3 lol moments.  Only one groan: the dinner scene at the home of the former school bully.  His former foe has become a success with a much nicer home than Charlie.  Charlie mistakes his former’s foe’s African American wife for the maid.  Wrong decade for the joke.


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