Urban Farming

Field Update from the Garden Beds

Over a week and still shoveling out rocks o’plenty at G.B. 1.  Hopes diminishing for getting in more carrots.  Afraid to look into the sack of fingerlings.  Have they gone beyond sending out eyes and are they sending out toes? Heap of sieved soy-yull mounting.  Kale seedlings poking out on periphery.  Husband advocating curtailment; wife pushing for further excavation.

Items of interest dug up at G.B. 1: inch-long plastic skeleton’s hand; green penny, 1971; black tarry-ish rock-like substance, behaves similar to charcoal when squished; white milk glass shards, at one time beloved pitcher?; broken bottom of heavy-duty glass jar, ¾ inch thick; rusty nails; rusty gate hinge, bent.

Given asylum in G.B. 4: refugee kales and mustard greens from G.B.’s 2, 3; margins between G.B.’s 2, 3; and sieved soil mound periphery.

Refugees awaiting placement: wild-haired chive plant, now wilting in Camp South, i.e., neglected corner of  G.B. 2.


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