The Cinderblocks

Encounter with Ian’s “Child”

Oh happiness! I’ve got that joy joy joy joy deep in my heart.  Clap clap.  Ian McEwan’s The Child in Time is tucked in my backpack.  The library delivered.  Thank you Seattle Public. 

Ian, circa 1983, gazes out at me from the inside back cover.  He wears glasses.  His hair is shimmier.  A sheaf of bangs is tidily clipped across his forehead.  Ian’s author bio tells me Ian became a writer at age 22.  He has four children.  He lives with them and his wife.  

He looks wise and owlish, even then, but maybe a little less certain.  Maybe still taken aback by the renown already his. 


One thought on “Encounter with Ian’s “Child”

  1. Patricia McMullen says:

    Hip-hip hoo-ray! Vintage IM. Can’t wait to catch up with him some day over a pint or some tinned food and an endless cup of tea. And on the way back we will stop at the jumble sale to pick up something we don’t really need. But might want.


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