The Cinderblocks

Child’s Departures from the Historical Record

What is this about a display of bad sportsmanship between track Olympians—an American and a Soviet—snowballing into a near nuclear confrontation? Licensed beggars in Britain? Really? Was Thatcherism carried that far? And what is this about the prime minister being of indeterminate gender? Here is an example of departure 2: licensed begging.  “He wrote a piece for the Times reviewing the first two years of licensed begging, which he read aloud to Stephen in the magnificent drawing room at Eaton Square.  ‘By removing the dross of prelegislation days, and aiming for a leaner, fitter public charity sector, the government has provided itself in microcosm with an ideal towards which its economic policies should aspire.  Tens of millions have been saved in social security payments and a large number of men, women, and children have been introduced to the pitfalls and strenuous satisfactions of self-sufficiency long familiar to the business community in this country.’” 


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