The Cinderblocks

Going Green Pulled

Power smoothies or house paint?

Power smoothies or house paint? Drink that led to discord amongst NN staff.


In an unprecedented move, Neighborsnorth pulled “Going Green” today.  Neighborsnorth staff criticism of the piece had been growing steadily since “Going Green’s” publication yesterday.  “We don’t understand why the piece got published,” Cinderblocks spokeswoman Angie Stutemeyer said.  “A Cinderblocks piece of comparable value certainly wouldn’t have been.” 

An e-mail that first went out to Cinderblocks staff and then went viral to all Neighborsnorth staffers was even more blunt.  “The piece went nowhere.  The Urban Farmer making faces trying to drink some mystery green drink is 150% shamefulness and lame.  I mean, where’s the story? Urban Farming didn’t go anywhere with it.  If that’s Neighborsnorth’s standard, find me other employment.  I’m outta here.” 

Yum! Power smoothie that doubles as a luxe soap coloring agent.

Yum! Power smoothie that doubles as a luxe soap coloring agent.  (What the e-mail that went viral was complaining about.)

The folks in Book Reviews were gentler in their criticism, but the message was clear: “Going Green” wasn’t worthy of Neighborsnorth.  “We were hoping for a clearer elucidation of purpose,” the folks in Book Reviews explained.  “Was the piece meant as a teaser for future pubs about soap making? Was it going somewhere with the dangerous food journeys angle? Maybe a segueway for ‘Friend or Foe: Mushrooms in the Hood Seduce Urban Farmer?’  Was it meant to be humorous?” Book Reviews also intimated that the Urban Farmer was being held to a lower editorial standard than other Neighborsnorth sections.  Ms. Stutemeyer chimed in agreement with Book Reviews.  She then appealed for greater collaboration amongst Neighborsnorth’s different strands. “We all want to be proud to call ourselves Neighborsnorthers.  We can be if we work together,” she said.


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