The Cinderblocks

A Peek at How to Save a Life

(Someone asked me last week what my novel is about.  Here’s what I think it’s about.)

Things backfired badly when Jack tried to free Mom from Paul nearly thirty years ago.  Now, Jack’s trying to rescue her again.

Young Jack Last wanted to pull people from burning buildings and rescue them from drowning.  Mostly, he wanted to rescue Mom from his stepfather Paul.  Then she could build a happier life—without bruises, without fear, without pills.   Finally, in the autumn after he graduated from high school, he got her to flee.  The two youngest, Jack’s half-brother and –sister, went with her.  The break would have been perfect if Hearndon, Jack’s thirteen year old half-brother, had agreed to go. 

But Heardon didn’t see Dad as the abusive guy whaling on Mom.  He saw Jack as the guy trying to break up family.  Even after Paul mowed down Jack in Grandma Mulberry’s Impala and left him for dead and Jack lost half his leg, Hearndon saw Jack as the problem.

Jack was laid up in hospital, minus half a leg, when Paul sweet talked Mom into returning.  Later Paul charmed the jury into acquittal.  Then he banished Jack from the family’s lives.

Minus half a leg, Jack’s dream of becoming a Washington State Trooper went poof, but he did find a way to help people.  When disasters strike, he pitches in with Disaster Watch Washington. 

Now, record rains are falling and the aging Governor Rossellini Dam is cracking.  A monstrous flood is going to smack Jack’s family to Kingdom Come and Jack has one more chance to save the people he loves, but first he must break Paul’s mesmerizing hold on them.


5 thoughts on “A Peek at How to Save a Life

  1. Awesome read. Now, if you can get that down to a one sentence log line you’ll be well on your way to marketing it 🙂 Hardest thing I ever had to do was pitch my book in one sentence.


  2. Hi SK,

    Oops. Yesterday’s edited version somehow didn’t get posted. Today’s post contains my attempt at a logline. Reads kind of clunky and not sure it’s got the necessary specificity and pull. But maybe the right essence. Let me know what you think. And sorry for the goof-up.


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