Kudos for Neighbors North

Neighbors North Gets Squishy

Blogger K. McMullen has not one, but two readings this week.  Is she nervous? A bit.

Sunday’s read at Café Louvre in Edmonds is going to be a piece of cake.  She gets ten minutes.  That’s almost enough time for a chapter.

Tomorrow’s the one she’s worried about: It’s About Time at the Ballard Public Library.  Six p.m.  Don’t be late, Kat.  You know what happens when you’re late.  You get booted off the open mike list.  All those bitten fingernails.  For nothing.

The IAT reading is a toughie.  K’s got only three minutos.  Barely enough time to clear her throat, to establish that crucial two-way audience-author rapport.  She was thinking of shrinking a Neighbors North post like she did back in December with “Sourdough Smackdown.”  She whittled away at “Heirloom Family Table Destiny.”  (Remember, NNers? Embedded in November’s “Rag Rug Part 2?”) but “Heirloom” wasn’t arcing.  She loved the bit about the table top shining with the patina of her forebears’ fingerprints, but she can’t expect one poeticism to hold her listeners’ attention.

Meanwhile, she’s been dusting off one of her earlier novels.  The earliest, in fact.  Emma Mulberry’s Whole Story.  She’s following Mark Coker’s step-by-step instructions for uploading to Smashwords.  She’s prepping EMWS for the Smashwords meat grinder.  Mark says if EMWS makes it through meat grinder intact, it will be uploadable (downloadable?) to e-readers, Kindles, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, libraries.  You name it.  To the skies.

She’s thinking of giving the IATers a taste of EMWS manana evening.  A whole three minutes worth.  Just enough to get her listeners situated at the crucial, book-opening, funeral scene with hints of all that stuff that led up to Mom’s death.

Anyway, if you’re thinking, wow, Kat, you sure are brave—two readings in one week, sending EMWS out for meat grinding, uploading, birthing to the skies—well, no.  Actually I’m not.  At least not on the readings part.  They don’t really faze me all that much.

But you know who is brave? My cousin’s daughter Lizzie H.  Lizzie is a mere 16-year-old high schooler, but she will read from her novel-in-progress Sunday at Café Louvre.  She is nervous about putting her work out there, but she’s doing it.  So kudos for Lizzie H.

And another brave person? Terry C., Ballard Real Change vendor.  Terry’s had some major health issues.  Cancer.  Lost his kidneys.  Broke a disk in his back yesterday.  But Terry’s out there, in his wheel chair, bundled up against the cold, selling Real Change.

And I know someone else who is brave.  You.  You are brave.  You’re facing the day.  You’re meeting whatever gets tossed your way the best way you know how.  So pat yourself on the back.  Smile at yourself in the mirror.  And go forth.


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