The Cinderblocks

Emma Goes Too Far


Cinderblocks’ residents are up in arms this morning since learning about Emma Mulberry’s shameless performance last evening at Ballard Library’s It’s About Time Reading series.   Angie Stutemeyer, Cinderblocks spokeswoman, had this to say about Emma’s reading.  “It is one thing for her to read from something innocuous like ‘Secret Santa Club,’ but for her to be promoting her ‘Whole Story’, as she calls it, and possibly profiting by it, is beyond over the top.”  

Charges were never brought against Emma after her mother, Barbara, fell to her death in rather suspicious circumstances, but  a not insignificant constituency continues to believe the eleven-year-old was in some way responsible.  It angers them that a formal inquiry was never made and that charges were never brought.

Even some family members have come out against her.  A paternal uncle, Paul Mulberry, has not shied from making accusations.  On the other hand, Emma’s sister Petra, who was witness to the proceedings leading up to Mrs. Mulberry’s death, has not.  Might this be because she, too, was somehow involved? Indeed, such rumors circulate at Cinderblocks’ and neighboring Pleasant Arms’ Kaffee klatsches.

It is possible neighbor girl and one-time play mate of Emma’s, Bonnie Snowden, knows what really happened that Good Friday evening, but Bonnie, perhaps under the directive of her mother, has yet to come forward. 


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