A writer confesses

Re-visioning Emma–Chapter 10

Hello Readers,

I’m adding a new strand to Neighbors North: A writer confesses.  I seem to be doing a lot more writing these days.  The Urban Farming thing is falling by the wayside.  A writer confesses is intended as a log not so much of what I’m writing, but the how of it.

What chapter ten looks like

Looks like McMullen is doing some serious editing.

I’ve crossed the tricky shoals of Chapter 9.  Now I’m steering my way through 10.  Mom and Grandma Wahnknecht have gone to Foodland for provisions.  Grandpa’s brought up a jug of raspberry wine from the basement.  He, Dad, and Joan are engaged in a little wine tasting.  They’re getting pretty happy.  Mass starts at 5.  Less than two hours from now.  Our wine tasters say they’re re-enacting the Lord’s Supper, but Mom’s not going to be too happy going to church with drunk people.  At least that what Emma thinks.


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