A writer confesses

Hanging Clothes. Stirring Tomatoes.

Dear Readers,
I’ve made it through Chapter 10 revisioning.  Last week, earlier than last week?, I began on Chap 11.  Em, Joan, and Petra are having a holiday from Holiday.  It’s Saturday, the day the Mulberrys motor over to Everett for that all-important weekly de-gunking: meaning they take showers and wash clothes.  Also they go to Mass at Perpetual Help.
Mom and Grandma Wahnknecht just left for groceries at Foodland.  Grandpa thinks it’s a fine time to have a little wine Probe.  He’s just brought up a jug of echt Garten Himbeer Wein from the basement.  Dad thinks it’s pretty good.  So does Joan.  (She’s already on her fourth glass.)
Ja Wohl! this wine is good.
Yeah, Joe! is this wine good.
Only Em seems to be worried.  Dad tells her not to.  A glance to the cuckoo clock assures him Mom and Grandma won’t be back from Foodland for dozens of minutes yet, and Mass is even further away.
We’ll see what happens in Chap 11 when/if the Mulberrys make it to Perp. Help.
I might get to that today or might not.
Why not cause of marinara-making.  Was thinking pizza, now am thinking I’ll go with the usual: lasagna.  Natch this means a trip to store for provisions: cottage cheese, refill on basil, more onions.  You know the drill.
But how could I not? We’re down to one yogurt container full of bean soup, albeit a large, 64 oz container.
Plus, today is supposed to be less warm.  Only twenty-five degrees above average, not thirty.  It seems like a good day to do kitcheny tasks.
And of course today the clothes line decided to snap.  Just as I was about to hang the sheet.  Only the shirts landed on the Sunday-mown grass.  Found a length of clothes line in with the camping stuff, but my knot-tying skills leave much to be desired.  They were not transmitted upon reading Annie Proulx’s Shippng News.

2 thoughts on “Hanging Clothes. Stirring Tomatoes.

  1. pmcmullen4888 says:

    Can’t wait to read more.
    Yes. We should all know some good knot tying.
    And to run three miles. (Can’t remember where I read that )

    Thanks for the update. Looking for the rest of the story.


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