A writer confesses

A Two-Agate Day

Dear Readers,

More progress on Chapter 10.  The Mulberrys have made it to 5 o’clock Mass with the Perpetual Helpers.  A writer confesses she is getting closer.

Cama Beach

A plastic Adirondack chair on Cama Beach.  Most suitable for inclusion in the construction of a Wahnknechtian stove or beach cabin.

But let’s ditch all that and move back in time to a week ago Wednesday.  This was a “research day.”  Or a day playing hooky.  You decide.  The writer and her no. 1 guy embarked on a road trip to Cama Beach State Park.  Legs were stretched.  Views were appreciated.  Agates were found–would you believe–two?

finding agates

Agates!–found on Cama Beach.

Items suitable for the construction of Wahnknechtian outdoor ovens and/or beach cabins were noted.  Nettle tops were pocketed for spring tonic soup.  Shh.  Keep that last under your hats.  The writer wasn’t supposed to be pocketing anything.  Nada.  Zilch. Keine.  Maybe not even those agates, which have now been jarred up with the others and are gracing her kitchen window sill.

the agate jar

The agate jar.


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