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Bonus Writing at Louisa’s Cafe (or, We Piled into the Crummy)

Today was a super great writing day.  Emma in the morning and a bonus, recreational writing session at Louisa’s Cafe in the afternoon.  I think of bonus writing sessions kind of like free time in swim class.  That bonus five minutes at the end of the grueling session with kick boards and those spongy things that demobilized one’s legs so one could work on the arm motions.  The swim instructors in their form-fitting Speedos and swim caps were all about teaching form, but in the last five minutes of class, if one still had any air in one’s lungs and if the chlorine hadn’t chewed all the whites from the eyes, one could goof off in free time.

Opportunities for swim fun abounded.  There was Marco Polo, standing at the edge of the pool and jumping in, “swim dancing” by tiptoeing through the water, and how can we forget the fun game of “talking” underwater.  Oh, the conversations one could have in the blue, chlorinated depths.

Writing at Louisa’s goes one better.  Louisa’s has baked goods–my go-to indulgence is the brownie with toasted walnuts and topped with glossy, chocolatey frosting goo.  The swim hall only offered vending machine treats–Snicker’s, Wrigley’s, and Lifesavers.

we piled into the crummy

Here’s where I’ll pick up tomorrow.



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