Urban Farming

Mushroom, Nut, and Prune Pie with Sweet Potato Crust

mushroom, nut, prune sweet potato pie

Co-hab and the Urban Farmer just finished dinner.  Neither one of them could stop at one slice of this incredibly delicious pie.  Both Co-hab and the Urban Farmer had two slices.  This dinner was stratospheres better than last night’s fare:  Progresso lentil soup topped with chopped up veggie dog and a side of the night before’s beet, apple, and carrot slaw.  Tonight’s dinner was ambrosiacal.  Even better, the pie is gluten-free!

Here’s the Urban Farmer’s method on how to prepare.

Filling: Sauté 2 large leeks (chopped and minus the green tops) , 3 c chopped crimini mushrooms, and 2 cloves garlic (minced).  Add to this ¾ c fine chopped walnuts, ¾ c fine chopped prunes, and 1 c cooked pinto beans.

Sweet Potato Crust: Microwave 3 large sweet potatoes, cut into largish chunks.  Remove skins.  Mash potatoes together with one stick butter.  Whip in one egg and ½ t salt ( less if using salted butter).

Assembling: Press about two-thirds of the sweet potato mixture on bottom and sides of a greased, 9 in. pie pan.   Add ½ the filling.  Sprinkle on ½ cup fine chopped or shredded mozzarella or equivalent cheese.  Add rest of filling.  Top with another ½ cup shredded or chopped mozz.  Spoon on rest of sweet potato crust.  Use spatula to press sweet potato crust out to edge of pie and to flatten the spooned out dabs.

Bake for 30 min in a 425 degree F. oven.


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